Fine Art Supplies for Artists Visiting Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is the kind of place that attracts artists. Many choose to live here all year. Some take long vacations here or consider the island as their second home. Other visitors may never have held a paint brush, but have the artist’s temperament. They become enchanted by the surroundings and find themselves staring at the details. That is the first step toward making art. Being on this beautiful island may be what it takes for the latent artist to emerge.

There is no end to the number of subjects that can be painted here. The clouds, the wildlife, the sea and the light are changing constantly. Blossoms of different colors come and go throughout the year.

Art Supplies on Anna Maria Island If the urge strikes, the emerging artist and other visiting artists must never let lack of art supplies block their creative process. Fortunately, there is an excellent art store in Bradenton, called Keeton’s Office and Art Supply. Originally more focused on office supplies and furniture, this cheerful establishment has, over the years, catered more and more to artists and the supplies they need. They offer a very good selection of oil paints, acrylics and watercolors, as well as brushes for all these mediums.