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FEMA Rules Change Anna Maria Island

Scraped lot On Anna Maria Island, when you see an empty lot with new construction about to begin, you know the new building will tower over the traditional Old Florida one-story homes in the neighborhood. Why? It’s the law, to some degree, at least. In 1975 FEMA made it mandatory that all new construction place the first living level at a certain specified number of feet above sea level, which means either having to raise the lot with a huge amount of fill, or building the living space on a second and, possibly, third floor. This coincided with the start of government involvement in flood insurance programs. When the government starts ‘taking care’ of you, it starts telling you how to do things.

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Building Permit – Stop All Work

Stop Work - No PermitLooks like a builder got caught up in the new Holmes Beach City permit approval process.

This house was red flagged 2 weeks ago after demolition work had begun. The notice states the reason to be ‘no permit’.

Two months ago the City of Holmes Beach reviewed its building code after discussion with FEMA rules on floodplain insurance.

Subsequently, a draft code was approved and went into effect, with a projection that new permits received by April 9th would be issued in 30 days.

However, demolition began on this property early April, with walls removed, roof peeled back, and interior gutted.

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