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Find A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a Florida personal injury lawyer, finding a competent one is a priority in resolving your personal injury claim.

What is it you should be looking for when you search for a personal injury lawyer?

You may already have a personal Florida lawyer. Check his specialties and the partners in his law firm. He may be able to recommend and refer you to an attorney who specializes in personal injury claims, if he doesn’t do it himself.

Another avenue is to ask your family and trusted friends for their recommendations, or for contacts of other people who may have been through a personal injury claim and settlement. But be sure you aren’t pressured into an arrangement without deciding for yourself. Also check your Yellow Pages for Florida personal Injury lawyers in your area.

Be sure you interview several of your personal injury lawyer candidates so that you can be confident of your own selection.

You should endeavor to find at least three personal injury lawyers to interview. This is the most important step and must not be rushed, if you are to get the best outcome. Schedule appointments to meet each one in person. They will be happy to arrange preliminary meetings so that you can both feel out each other’s personality, and rapport. A reputable lawyer will offer a one hour consultation at no charge.

The most important quality you should seek is that you are comfortable talking to your personal injury lawyer. The claims process is emotional and difficult to relive and describe in detail so you must have a trusting, sympathetic lawyer to relate to. He or she must have plenty of experience with this process so that they really comprehend what happened and the procedures that must be pursued in order for you to accomplish your best settlement.

Go to your interview with a written list of questions so that you come away with the details you need to make an informed decision.

  • Ask each candidate about their experience and the number of personal injury cases they have handled, the number of cases they have won, and time it took to reach settlement.
  • You can ask about the claims process and what they will do for you. This will reveal their knowledge and help you learn what is involved.
  • Ask for their opinion on the merits of your case and how much it is worth.
  • Ask how long it might take to settle and how do they charge for their services, both the rate and the terms.
  • Make no commitment to anyone at this stage. You need to digest and compare all your results.

By the time you have gone through several of these interviews you will understand much more about the personal injury claims process, the style and personality of your attorney, and should be able to make an informed selection of your Florida personal injury lawyer.

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