Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing and Kitefoiling on Anna Maria Island

A compilation of videos and info for kiteboarding on Anna Maria Island gulf beach and Tampa Bay waters.

Anna Maria City beach Gulf of Mexico 12m² bow kite and foilboard
Light air kiteboarding with 18m² airfoil kite and carbon foilboard
Kiteboarding during Tropical Storm Alberto Memorial Day weekend 2018 Rider: Dimitri Maramenides
Anna Maria City bayside beach launch and boosting

Gulf beach live cam

Bay live cam Rod & Reel Pier

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Boat Ramps On Anna Maria Island

There are four boat ramps available to the public on Anna Maria Island:
Holmes Beach City
Coquina North
Coquina south

Holmes Beach Memorial Park Boat Ramp
63rd Street East
1 lane, 9 trailer spaces

Holmes Beach boat ramp

Kingfish Boat Ramp
752 Manatee Ave
46 parking spaces, 3 lanes

Kingfish Boat Ramp

Coquina North
2652 Gulf Drive S
28 trailer, 12 parking spaces, 2 lanes

Coquina South
Gulf Drive S
50 trailer spaces, 2 lanes

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Tour of Homes Anna Maria Island 2019

Anna Maria Island Tour of Homes is an annual fund raiser for “The Center of AMI”, which provides recreational facilities, educational, and entertainment programs for young and old.

This year’s home tour is on Saturday March 16, 2019, 10am to 3pm. Homes are at the following locations:

  • The Fangmeyer Home: ….95 52nd St, Holmes Beach (ground level plus stairs)
  • The Kerchner Home: ……637 Key Royale Dr, Holmes Beach (ground level plus stairs)
  • The Horne Home: ………8403 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach (ground level)
  • The Willow House: ……….222 Willow Ave, Anna Maria (ground level plus stairs)
95 52nd St, Holmes Beach, Florida
The Fangmeyer Home: ….95 52nd St, Holmes Beach (ground level access plus stairs)
637 Key Royale Dr, Holmes Beach, Florida
The Kerchner Home: ……637 Key Royale Dr, Holmes Beach (ground level access plus stairs)
8403 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach, Florida
The Horne Home: ………8403 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach (ground level access)
222 Willow Ave, Anna Maria
The Willow House: ……….222 Willow Ave, Anna Maria (ground level access plus stairs)
The Center of Anna Maria Island
The Center of Anna Maria Island….407 Magnolia Avenue, Anna Maria: Bazaar, auction, raffle, refreshments, facilities, transportation.

Tickets are $25 and are available at all the above locations on the day of the home tour, plus these local businesses prior to the event:

AMI General Store……………………….503 Pine Ave., Anna Maria
AMI Sun Newspaper……………………202 Palm Ave., Anna Maria
Duncan Real Estate……………………..310 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria
Egret’s Nest……………………………..10010 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria
Ginny’s & Jane E’s………………………9807 Gulf Dr., Anna Maria
The White Egret ………………………10006 Gulf Dr., Anna Maria
AMI Chamber of Commerce………5313 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach
Holmes Beach Ace Hardware…….3352 East Bay Drive, Holmes Beach
LaPensee Plumbing……………………..401 Manatee Ave., Holmes Beach
The Egret’s Landing……………………5602 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach
Crowder Bros. Ace Hardware……..5409 Manatee Ave., Bradenton

Due to limited on-street parking, visitors are advised to park at one of the larger lots marked on the map and take a courtesy minibus or shuttle cart to and between home locations. Carts will run frequently by volunteers.

Free parking is available at Crosspointe Fellowship Church located at 8605 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach.

Crosspointe Fellowship Church, Holmes Beach, Florida
Crosspointe Fellowship Church, Holmes Beach provides park and ride.

“The Center of AMI” at 407 Magnolia Ave, Anna Maria hosts the raffle, auction, bazaar, and food vendors.

Real-time traffic conditions on island bridges and roads are available at:

Weather conditions can be found at:

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Daylight Savings Time Is A Waste

Does “daylight savings time” save energy? Does it save money? Does it save lives? Does getting up when the sun is lower in the morning sky mean you have more time before you go to bed at night?

“One hundred years ago when they first proposed this, they said it was about saving energy,” said Michael Downing, author of “Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time. This has never been realized no matter how many times they say it.” Daylight Saving Time is relative

A University of California study has shown that DST doesn’t save anyone any money at all. In fact, it’s costing consumers extra, to the tune of $3.19 in extra utility bills per year. The study was made possible because of the peculiarities of the state of Indiana, which was only partially on DST until 2006. When the whole state finally went DST (to sync with the national business day), some comparisons vs. the prior method were made apparent. The study calculated that the shift costs Indiana residents an extra $8.6 million in electricity bills in total.

If the justification for DST has always been energy savings, why isn’t ‘saving daylight’ burning fewer light bulbs and saving energy?


Red Tide At Anna Maria Island

Red tide algae bloom was detected on Anna Maria Island shores August 3, 2018, and affected air and sealife soon after. While the municipalities and county services cleaned up dead fish on the beaches, the irritating smell sent people to seek indoor relief and, as word spread, visitors cancelled their trips.

(Update September 5, 2018 below at end of article.)

The current bloom is from microscopic Karenia Brevis, an alga native to Gulf of Mexico, spreading north from Naples to Tampa Bay.

K. Brevis concentrations Florida Gulf Coast, from Florida Wildlife Conservation
K. Brevis concentrations Florida Gulf Coast, from Florida Wildlife Conservation

Dead fish started turning up in the bay-side waters and canals a few days ago, but not as prevalent as the last red tide fish kill in December, 2015, which lasted several weeks.

Dead fish and sea grass August 2018 Red Tide Anna Maria Island
Dead fish and sea grass August 2018 Red Tide
Red Tide fish kill December 2015
Red Tide December 2015 piled dead fish at the end of canals
Red tide January 2013 fish kill on Anna Maria Island beach
Red tide January 2013 fish kill on Anna Maria Island beach

Since August 20, 103 manatee have died of which 29 tested positive for K. Brevis, and suspected in the 74 others. The manatee death toll so far this year from all causes has reached 554, compared to 527 for all of 2017.

Red tide also affects turtles and seabirds. “This year so far, we have rescued or recovered a total of 137 sea turtles,” said Hayley Rutger, spokesperson for Mote Marine Laboratory. “A lot of those were already deceased. Some of them were affected by humans, like boat strikes or entanglements in fishing gear, but some of them are suspected to have been affected by the ongoing red tide bloom.”

“Cormorants will dive through the water, and they’re basically diving right through the blooms so they’re getting it in their eyes and their faces and their mouths,” explained Avian Hospital Administrator Dana Leworthy. “They don’t necessarily need to ingest the fish to get the red tide.”

Although the Florida red tide is a naturally occurring phenomenon, agricultural and urban runoff can prolong red tide blooms inshore.