Florida State Amendment 1 Opposition Continues

Those of us in the real estate business in our area fully understand the current market problems and we agree that Amendment 1 will not “jump start’ the real estate market as suggested by Tallahassee [state capital] and our media. It will possibly assist those sellers who plan to purchase a replacement home in our state.

Old Florida Cracker under a Poinciana tree We need to consider that the buyer of a home plans to reside and homestead in our state and if they’ll accept their initial tax bill. Also, it is not clear in the amendment if we’re able to assure a buyer if the homestead cap is to remain.

Many of our office sales these past 33 years have been to buyers who purchase a home to retire to in later years and the 10 percent cap does not benefit that absentee owner.

The problem of absentee owners taxes exists now, as agents are unable to increase rental rates. Is it not unfair to these owners and business owners to pay high taxes while the double homestead in Amendment 1 allows so many mobile home and small condo owners to be exempt from, or to pay low, taxes?Old Florida disappears

We encourage you to act now by reviewing the Constitutional Amendment Petition Form and signing it. All Florida registered voters are eligible. Go to www.cartonline.org

Feel free to call me for further details or questions. The 1.35% cap is the answer to runaway taxes. The 3% cap and the $25,000 exemption will be preserved, as will be all other exemptions.

Marie Franklin

Anna Maria Realty


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