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Visitors Rentals and Real Estate Warm Up 2013

The year 2013 is off to a sunny start with a very warm first weeks on Anna Maria Island. In contrast to the typical January’s cool air and fog, January, 2013, has been balmy so far. The temperature has passed 80 degrees on many days. Even the cold fronts have not brought frigid weather.

Warm weather on the island in January has its pros and cons. It’s nice not to have to turn on the heat, but this year many people’s air conditioners are still running.

Even though the island is at the northernmost point at which coconut palms can survive, it’s not surprising that from time to time they are wiped out. In the past few years, Anna Maria Island has lost many of its beautiful coconut palms. Very cold temperatures either killed them immediately or damaged them enough that they have not thrived and have been vulnerable to insect pests and disease. The warm temperatures have been very good news for some of the more cold-sensitive plants. It’s fortunate for the trees that recent cold winters have not been followed by even more cold, but, unfortunately, warm temperatures also help encourage pests.

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Fishermen Checked for Compliance

Some out-of-area commercial fishermen were checked for compliance with fishing regulations while netting for mullet in Bimini Bay (also known as Fiske Bayou) on Anna Maria Island.

Bimini Bay net fishermenResidents alerted the Holmes Beach Police Department to what appeared to be a large netting operation in nearby fishing and protected sea grass beds.

HBPD requested assistance from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Law Enforcement division. HBPD has it’s own marine patrol but it is used for the city’s jurisdiction. The FWC patrol serves a greater Tampa Bay area related to boating and fishing regulation enforcement.

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