Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch

Turtle TracksAnna Maria Island Turtle Watch holds its 2008 nesting season training for volunteers on April 15th.

Anyone who would like to walk the beach and report turtle tracks and nest activity are invited to volunteer and go through the training session, which will be held at the Holmes Beach City Hall.

Beach walkers will learn how to recognize and report turtle tracks of nesting females on an assigned section of the beach. The nests are recorded and staked off by the AMITW permit holders and observed during the incubation period until hatchling tracks are found.


Anna Maria Beach Renourishment Eschews Federal Funds

The planned 2011 $7.5 million beach renourishment project for 1.5 miles of Anna Maria shoreline will not use Federal money, according to Charlie Hunsicker, ecosystems director at Manatee County. Funding will come from state and county taxation.

Holmes Beach Anna Maria Island

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection estimated that Anna Maria would need to provide another 40 parking spaces for public use and access in order to qualify for state funding.


Beach Renourishment Planned 2011

Living on a barrier island of sand entails building on a changing foundation. While nature is in flux and bends to the conditions, people continue to build rigid, immovable houses on the shore line. As the barrier island moves with the slow cycle of shifting sands the shore line shifts regardless of where the property lines were drawn.

Anna Maria Island aerial

Over the decades of building on the seashore, the ever shifting shoreline has been ‘restored’ by pumping sand back to replace lost beach. This is no small exercise and is very expensive. A beach renourishment in 2002 took almost a year and millions of dollars to expand the beach width and protect private properties along just 0.6 miles. A 4.6 mile renourishment in 2005 was plagued by delays and equipment obstructions.