Community Health

How to Age Well on Anna Maria Island

To some people, ageing well seems to mean withdrawing into a retirement community where there is almost no chance of being disturbed by laughing children or barking dogs. But for those who prefer to remain in contact with the entire demographic spectrum, Anna Maria Island offers the perfect place in which to retire without feeling shut off from the real world. Staying in touch with younger people who are active is certainly a good way to stay as young as possible, even as one ages.

Christmas Day picnic

The fact that there is an elementary school right on the island is a good sign. School children live in many of the neighborhoods of Anna Maria Island , and it’s always heartwarming to see them toting their packs as they go to and from school. Sure, traffic can sometimes back up around Anna Maria Island Elementary School, as students arrive and depart. But sitting for a few minutes or slowing down in the school zone can be seen as just one more reminder that island life is supposed to be relaxed. Every delay is just one more chance to smell the jasmine or watch the swaying palm fronds sparkle in the sunlight.