Skin Cancer Signs Come With Sun Coast Living

All of us who enjoy the outdoors need to take precautions and be alert to noticing our own skin cancer signs. Anna Maria Island is so lovely year round, and the sun usually shines most days. It’s very challenging to avoid the UV rays that age the skin and cause skin cancer symptoms.

It’s been said many times before, but it’s very important to try to stay inside or in the shade when the sun is overhead, from 11 to 3. It’s important to wear sunblock and a big hat to protect both the face and the back of the neck. The beach can be enjoyed from under an Australian pine, an umbrella, or at dawn or sunset.

skin cancer signs The key to surviving skin cancer is to catch it early and have it treated. Another huge benefit of early detection is that the extent of the surgery will be less, and there is less potential disfiguration. Skin moles, freckles, discolorations and small bumps are all worth checking with a doctor, because a surprisingly high percentage of them turn out to be skin cancer.

The most important skin cancer sign to look for is change on the skin. A sore that doesn’t heal, a mole that changes in size or color, or a new growth … all require attention from a doctor. Many skin cancers are reddish, starting either as lumps or flat, scaly spots. Others are pale, smooth or waxy looking. Some are dark, with irregular edges. Anyone with any of these skin cancer symptoms should visit a dermatologist for a check up.