‘Landscapes of the Island’ Exhibition

Anna Maria Island Art League held its ” Landscapes of the Island” exhibition award ceremony Friday. On display were the prize winners and the works of artists selected by the jury for adjudication

Anna Maria Island Art LeagueJoyce Karp, the Art League’s executive director, presented the awards for best of show, top 3 places, and honorable mention.

A buffet of seafood pate, fresh fruit, and pasta salad was donated by the Sandbar Restaurant.

The exhibition runs from April 11th through May 1st, 9:30 – 2:30 Tuesday to Friday at the Art League gallery, 5312 Holmes Boulevard, Holmes Beach. Admission is free and most pieces are for sale.

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I don’t know if I’m in the right place to post this question or not, but I have recently moved to AMI and live on a canal. I was raised on a tidal river in South Carolina and am used to twice daily high/low tides. It may be an illusion, but it seems to me that the canal (not the Gulf) stays “high” or “low” for days at a time, rather than ebbing and flowing daily. Am I just imagining this?

Also, there is a large tree trunk in our canal. Is there someone I can contact about getting it out? It’s an eyesore, but also a navigation hazard, though in truth there isn’t much navigation in the canal these days.

Many thanks,

Robert Weston

Hi Robert,
Yes, the tidal movements in the Gulf of Mexico do not behave like the oceans. Sometimes there are 2 highs and lows a day and sometimes there is only one, and the period is not obviously regular but it is predictable. The rise and fall can be as much as 2.7 feet or only a few inches.

Regarding your canal obstruction, you can contact the public works department of the city you live in. They will be able to address your concern.

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