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Water Restrictions To Continue

Even with recent thunderstorms and measurable rainfall, watering restrictions have been extended for the 16 counties monitored by Southwest Florida Water Management District (Swiftmud).


Swiftmud said that the area received 5 inches average of rain in June, which is about two thirds normal. The current rainfall deficit is 17.2″ over the last two years of drought conditions, with below normal ground water levels.

Watering restrictions apply to all sources of public and private water supplies including wells and ponds.

Lawn and landscape irrigation is limited to once per week, 6pm-8am, per address ending: 0,1 Monday; 2,3 Tuesday; 4,5 Wednesday; 6,7 Thursday; 8,9 Friday.

Hand watering and micro-irrigation is allowed anytime and car washing once per week.

Although Swiftmud dictates the restrictions, enforcement is by county officials, and usually in response to neighborhood complaints.

Other ways to reduce water consumption and waste are to install low flow shower heads and low flush toilets, repair dripping taps, and run dishwasher and washing machines at full load only.

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