2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season Review



  • High water and flooding on Anna Maria Island from TS Barry
  • Lower seasonal activity than predicted
  • Record of 2 Category 5 hurricanes
  • Record number of storms (9) in one month (Sep)
  • No major hurricane landfalls in US
  • 15 storms
  • 6 hurricanes
  • 2 major (Cat3+)

Andrea – Pre-season Tropical Storm formed 140 miles SE of Savannah, Ga. May 9. Weakened and became sub-tropical May 10.

Barry – became Tropical Storm June 1, emerging from Gulf of Honduras, heading NW into Gulf of Mexico. Landfall was June 2 near Tampa Bay as a minimal TS coinciding with high tides and minor flooding of low areas of Anna Maria Island and surroundings..

Dean – emerged Aug 14 from west coast of Africa and became hurricane strength Aug 16. Dean entered the Caribbean near Martinique Aug 17 as a Cat 2, strengthened to Cat 4 passing south of Jamaica, Cat 5 Aug 20, and made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula at Costa Maya Aug 21 with major destruction.

Erin – TS strength Aug 15 south of Jamaica, headed NW, weakening to a depression and made landfall near Lamar, Texas.

Felix – TS strength then hurricane on Sep 1, headed W intensifying to Cat 5 and made landfall in NE Nicaragua Sep 4 with major destruction.

Gabrielle – strengthened from depression off Georgia to TS Sep 8, headed NW, staying offshore past North Carolina and Virginia, dissipating SW of Nova Scotia.

Ingrid – emerged from Africa and became TS on Sep 13, then dissipated Sep 17 north of Leeward Islands.

Humberto – a depression W of Cuba intensified to TS Sep 13, heading N in the Gulf of Mexico, strengthened to hurricane Cat 1 and made landfall near High Island, Texas, causing widespread damage and power outages.

Jerry – became TS Sep 24, in the central Atlantic, heading NE and dissipated by Sep 25.

Karen – emerged from Cape Verde to become TS Sep 25, then headed north and dissipated.

Lorenzo – starting Sep 11 as a tropical wave off Africa and traveled across the Atlantic into the Caribbean, intensifying to hurricane strength Sep 28, making landfall near Tecolutla, Mexico as a Cat 1 causing widespread flooding.

Melissa – began off Africa Sep 26, became TS heading NNW and dissipated without affecting land.

Noel – became TS Oct 28 in the eastern Caribbean headed NNW making landfall in Haiti Sep 29 causing 3 days of heavy rain and flooding, headed NE through the Bahamas, strengthened to Hurricane Nov 1 and extra-tropical by Nov 2.

Olga – post-official season, a depression formed Dec 10 off the Lesser Antilles, heading N became TS and made landfall on east end of Dominican Republic Dec 12.

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