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As if the housing market slowdown were not enough to challenge local contractors, now Holmes Beach City has stopped issuing all building permits.

The City of Holmes Beach Commissioners decided the building department stop granting “requests for construction, reconstruction, or improvement of buildings or structures within the flood hazard areas” beginning February 12th. All building is halted while compliance is being studied and codes compared with other communities.

FEMA NFIP 50% improvement

Caught in this moratorium is a partly rebuilt 1950’s house. New walls, windows, and roof were constructed last month but work has now stopped. The city is considering that it may even have to be torn down again.


Great Blue Heron Rookery

A couple of Great Blue Herons nesting in Bimini Bay have produced 3 chicks this season. These are the first to appear out of 6 7 active nests. The most popular spot for the rookery is high up in an Australian Pine tree bordering Fiske Bayou. Two nests are in other pine trees across the bayou.

Great Blue Herons

The Australian Pine has been demonized as an exotic, invasive species in Florida, condemned because it crowds out native undergrowth, has shallow roots, and ostensibly is prone to blow over in strong winds. It is the target of systematic removal by the local authorities. In this location it appears to be the tree of choice for these nesting herons, and has been for several years.


2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season Review



  • High water and flooding on Anna Maria Island from TS Barry
  • Lower seasonal activity than predicted
  • Record of 2 Category 5 hurricanes
  • Record number of storms (9) in one month (Sep)
  • No major hurricane landfalls in US
  • 15 storms
  • 6 hurricanes
  • 2 major (Cat3+)