The Clean Beaches of Anna Maria Island

In recent years, the beaches of Anna Maria Island have become less pristine. Although they still compare well to most beaches, there has been an increase in litter. It doesn’t all come from those who spend time at the beach, but much of it does. In addition, trash from boats washes ashore.

The biggest problem is how this affects our precious wildlife. Sea turtles, who eat jelly fish, can easily mistake a plastic bag for food. We’ve all see birds entangled in fishing line, or caught in plastic, such as that which comes with six-packs of cans. There are many small pieces of colored plastic on the beach, from toys and containers and other objects that have broken up, but are not going to decompose for many more years. Such small, bright items are interesting to birds. It is sad how many pieces of plastic are found in the stomachs of dead sea birds.

Clean Beaches Anna Maria Island July 4 always brings crowds to the beach—and litter. Especially before law enforcement cracked down on private fireworks, the amount of firework remnants all along the island’s beaches on the morning of July 5 was shocking. Fortunately, there are people on the island who walk the beach with garbage bags, picking up a lot of this trash after the July 4 celebration. They are not paid or organized. They are the perfect example of good private citizens just trying to keep the place they love clean and beautiful.

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Are Fireworks Essential To Independence Day?

Holmes Beach tried to enforce the ban on fireworks for this holiday weekend. Well not all, just illegal fireworks. So what is the difference?

Florida State law allows only hand-held and ground-based sparkler fireworks. It is illegal to set off fireworks that explode or are propelled into the air.

Freedom from violence

Many fireworks are brought in illicitly from neighboring states. The result is that a lot of illegal fireworks are lit, especially for July 4th weekend.

Enforcement of the law has been lax and many people flaunt it.