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Are Fireworks Essential To Independence Day?

Holmes Beach tried to enforce the ban on fireworks for this holiday weekend. Well not all, just illegal fireworks. So what is the difference?

Florida State law allows only hand-held and ground-based sparkler fireworks. It is illegal to set off fireworks that explode or are propelled into the air.

Freedom from violence

Many fireworks are brought in illicitly from neighboring states. The result is that a lot of illegal fireworks are lit, especially for July 4th weekend.

Enforcement of the law has been lax and many people flaunt it.

This weekend Anna Maria Island police let it be known they would confiscate illegal fireworks but not arrest anyone unless they resist.

What is the connection of fireworks and July 4th? Perhaps the same reason as New Years Eve; i.e. an excuse to make a lot of noise and display while celebrating an event. There are many other celebratory events on July 4th that are more relevant to the commemoration of independence from British colonial rule. A lot of patriotic songs are sung, flags waved, and parades assembled. The birth of a nation and the philosophy of independent self rule is worth reflection.

And there is little reason to bemoan the loss of toxic chemical bombs, polluting gases and debris from a light and sound show that is more like a war than entertainment.

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