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Beach Front Island Homes

What styles of Anna Maria Island homes are on the Gulf beach?

Construction on sandy beach front has changed a lot in 80 years, with easier access, higher standard of living, FEMA rules, and wealthier newcomers. Many older properties have been remodeled and often demolished to be replaced by larger houses.

Here are a few examples of houses built since the island’s early visitors through to today’s new construction.

White beach cottage 1940
Built c.1940
Yellow bungalow 1945
Built c. 1965

Blue pods 1980
Built c. 1980
Brown glass 1998
Built c. 1998

Neo Key West 2010
Built c. 2010
Gulf front beach home
Built 2017
New home Anna Maria Island beach
Under construction 2018

Which house do you visualize yourself enjoying most for: full-time island living; seasonal living; short vacations; family rendezvous; retirement; old age?

4 replies on “Beach Front Island Homes”

I really like the third home in the pictures you have. Even though it is one of the older ones, I wouldn’t mind living in it. I bet it has a wonderful view and isn’t too windy. If I were to get one similar to the one being built in the last picture, how much do you think that would be?

The empty lot sold for $2.1M. You could throw in at least another $1.5M for the structure. The lowest level is not habitable due to FEMA flood plane rules. New construction also has to withstand hurricane force winds, wave impact, and storm surge.

I like the earliest one; like the one I grew up in and hopefully will live out my last years in.

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