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Seafood Shack Restaurant Closes

UPDATE: The Seafood Shack Restaurant is open. Hours are 11:30 a.m to 9:00 p.m. Telephone: 941-794-1235Seafood Shack Cortez

The Seafood Shack Restaurant in Cortez has closed re-opened.

The waterfront restaurant has been in business for 38 years serving grouper sandwiches, clam chowder and burgers but succumbed to the combination of high taxes, high insurance, economic downturn, and an upcoming bridge repair.

The humpback bridge on 127th Street is closing for repairs and Seafood Shack owner, Ham Jones, said he faced bankruptcy trying to stay open with low patronage, or close and lay off staff. He kept open the possibility of reopening in November if the bridge repairs are completed by then, and if the Anna Maria Island bridge repair closures reroutes traffic to Cortez bridge as scheduled for October – November.

The 700-seat restaurant has been on the market for some years, with contracts that fell through in 2002 and 2004.

The restaurant also operated a paddlewheel Showboat for dining and excursions, but was recently sold off.

The adjacent Seafood Shack Marina remains open.

UPDATE: The Seafood Shack Restaurant is reopened Monday December 15th. Hours are 11:30 a.m to 9:00 p.m. Telephone: 941-794-1235

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I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

Mike Harmon

I’m sorry to learn that the Seafod shack is closed. We have been visiting AMI for 12 years and always looked forward to their waterfront dining and great grouper sandwich. I hope they reopen.

Hi, The Seafood shack may open in Oct. or Nov. 2008. If it is not sold. They closed on Mother’s day 2008. We are sorry to see it go. But keep fingers crossed that it will re open.

I am sorry to hear that the Seafood shack has closed . We were introduced to “The Shack” in ’97 by some friends we met at Shorewalk Villas and have been back when we visit Bradenton every year since.
We were even hoping my daughter’s pre wedding dinner was going to be there, because it’s a beautiful setting wonderful food and a fantastic Long Island tea. Now where is my wife going to get one of those this year???!!! By the way Ham! How much do you want for it or where is it marketed, am interested…Serious!

I hope the seafood shack opens again.. i worked there 30 years ago with Ham and it was a great job,,, meeting lot of wonderful people.. My husband and I plan on moving back to Florida soon and I so wanted to visit…I remember Charlie and his boat by the sea..We had such a good time…

The Seafood Shack IS open. If you read the post, the restaurant reopened after being closed for a period while road works and bridge repairs were completed.

Thank you 🙂
I know better than to drink those! I made them for a dozen years. I prefer the Pina Colada on the rocks with a Myers float myself. Sure am looking forward to blackened grouper and stonies!

OOOHHHH!! Give over girl, your making me drool, I love blackened grouper with clam chowder.mmmmmmmmmmmm

does anyone remember the old piano bar upstairs…i sure miss that….kristof was awesome and the food was always great

sure Cori! I was upstairs last month and it was so sad for me to see the sunken bar and the lounge area had been moved/taken out. Years and years of good memories in the lounge there. No place like it anymore!

i think i would have cried if i saw that! the best times of my life were spent in that room!

Hi – PLEASE HELP because my husband and I are going crazy trying to remember the name of a BEAUTIFUL restaurant either in Bradenton or Anna Maria Island that we would eat every year when we came to Siesta Key. It was a two-story restaurant, had a beautiful bar, looked out onto the bay, and had an incredible pecan crusted grouper dish. We would always make the 50-60 minute drive from Siesta Key. My husband seems to remember it being either on Gulf Drive or Manatee Avenue. We parked right out front, walked in on the first floor, and always dined on the second floor overlooking I believe a marina. We are trying to remember the name that it had around 1990 more or less. If anyone remembers the original name, we would be eternally grateful! Thank you!!!!

You might be referring to The High Seas? It was a two story wooden building right on Manatee Ave on the causeway to AMI/Holmes Beach.

Hope this helps!


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