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Why an Island Rental Makes Sense

Why buy when you can settle into a charming island rental as if it were your own home? People love to spend part of winter on Anna Maria Island. Many who fall in love with this beautiful island immediately buy one of the small homes, fix it up, then spend part of the year here when it gets cold everywhere else. But in the current economic conditions, it could make a lot more sense to take a close look at staying in one of the island rental properties that are available and postpone buying anything.

Seagull sunsetAn island rental is often just a home somebody else bought when they fell in love with Anna Maria Island. Maybe they bought it a little too quickly. Then rising property taxes, or financial problems from other sources led the owner to need to rent the property to help defray the cost. Many of the island rental properties have been beautifully improved, with all the amenities of a tropical retreat. A spacious interior with nice finishes and tropical furnishings often opens out to a private swimming pool and beautiful island landscaping. It doesn’t take long to settle into such a place and feel at home.

Rental agents can show those who love Anna Maria Island many fine island rental homes. There is a choice of many neighborhoods, each with its own feeling. Most of the rentals are near the beach. But, of course, everything on Anna Maria Island is near the beach, when you get right down to it. Visitors who want to feel like they live on the island might prefer to find a rental property on the quieter bay side of the island, perhaps along a canal, instead of right at the Gulf beach. Those with their own boats might also find that an island rental on a canal offers the added benefit of having one’s boat right outside the door.

The beauty of renting an island home is that it doesn’t take much for a beach house to be special. Some would even say that when it comes to beach houses, the simpler, the better. We don’t expect beach houses to be as elaborate as vacation properties in other parts of the country, for example. We don’t need them to be decorated with our own art or furnished with our own furniture and carpets. Bring in a few shells from the beach and a few flowers from the yard, sweep out the sand you have tracked in, and you have made it your own.

Spending a month or two in an island rental is an economical way to feel at home on Anna Maria Island in these uncertain times. It’s a way to try out different neighborhoods over a few years. Then, when one is certain it’s time to buy an island home, one might already have gotten to know the neighbors.

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