AMI Community Center Basketball League Schedule

The AMI Community Center Basketball League continues.

Upcoming schedule:

Premier, 14-17yrJan 16, 8pmRalph’s vs WCAC
Division I, 12 -13yrJan 17, 8pm
Jan 22, 8pm
Sun vs Paradise
Lumber vs Paradise
Division II, 10-11yrJan 17, 7pm
Jan 22, 7pm
Kumon vs Jessie’s
Dips vs Jessie’s
Division III, 8-9yrJan 16, 7pm
Jan 17, 6pm
Jan 22, 6pm
LPAC vs Duncan
Ross vs Bistro
Orthopedic vs Ross
Instructional, 5-7yrJan 16, 6pmBeachHouse vs OysterBar

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