AMI Community Center Basketball League

The AMI Community Center Basketball League starts Jan 14. Team coaches will distribute uniforms Jan 10 at 6:30pm with a dinner banquet provided by the Beach Bistro.

Individual and team photos will be taken Saturday, Jan 12. Time is to be announced. For details please call Amy Seiderman at the Community Center 941-778-1908.

Upcoming schedule:

Premier, 14-17yrJan 15, 8pmIRE vs Cycles
Division I, 12 -13yrJan 14 8pmLumber vs A&E
Division II, 10-11yrJan 15, 7pmKumon vs Dips
Division III, 8-9yrJan 14, 7pmJan 15, 6pmBistro vs Orthopedics
Ross vs LPAC
Instructional, 5-7yrJan 14, 6pmJan 16, 6pmBeachHouse vs Observer
BeachHouse vs OysterBar

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