Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing and Kitefoiling on Anna Maria Island

A compilation of videos and info for kiteboarding on Anna Maria Island gulf beach and Tampa Bay waters.

Anna Maria City beach Gulf of Mexico 12m² bow kite and foilboard
Light air kiteboarding with 18m² airfoil kite and carbon foilboard
Kiteboarding during Tropical Storm Alberto Memorial Day weekend 2018 Rider: Dimitri Maramenides
Anna Maria City bayside beach launch and boosting

Gulf beach live cam

Bay live cam Rod & Reel Pier

West Coast Surf Shop surfboards and clothing Holmes Beach 941-778-1001

Elite Watersports kiting equipment and lessons St Petersburg 727-800-2202

Sarasota County has implemented rules for kiteboarding at beaches that are also good practice on Manatee County Parks beaches:

General kiteboarding guidelines and rules of etiquette around Sarasota and Suncoast area waters.

Beware and stay clear of staked-off shorebird and turtle nests April – October.

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