Surfing Hurricane Gustav At Holmes Beach

Gustav sent a few waves to Anna Maria Island, Sunday, and brought out a crowd of surfers and onlookers. A high tide and offshore wind meant the waves broke close to shore but some good rides were possible.

Some gusty showers were about the only impact Gustav had on Anna Maria Island but the rain and possibly a raised sea level from the effects of surge caused an above average high tide.

Update Monday, Sept 1: Swell is continuing to pump and conditions are better today with lower tide and lighter side-offshore wind. At 10am there were a least a hundred people in the water but there were plenty of waves to go around.

3 replies on “Surfing Hurricane Gustav At Holmes Beach”

Hey, Yea I bet the waves were really awesome down there, better than up here in the Yankee territory 🙂

The Island looks beautiful I def. need to put this on my list of places to travel to!


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